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FlowArt Therapy is a group collective practice established in 2016, and owned by Misty Gibson, PhD, LMHC, LCPC, LCPAT, ATR-BC, CST, ACS, ATCS, NCC, BC-TMH. FlowArt Therapy's focus is on serving the mental health needs of neurodivergent and queer folx, and Dr. Misty has a specialization in Sex Therapy (she is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist!).

All therapists in our practice are trained and competent in working with folx who are in open relationships, polyamorous, and relationship anarchists, as well as folx in the BDSM community, under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Misty.

Understanding Common Relationship Conflicts in

Understanding Common Relationship Conflicts in

As humans we naturally seek connections and relationships form the core of our emotional well-being. For neurodivergent couples, the experience of love, partnership, and intimacy can be uniquely profo... ...more

FlowArt Learning

March 18, 20243 min read

Unmasking Neurodivergence in Adults: A Journey to Authentic Living

Unmasking Neurodivergence in Adults: A Journey to Authentic Living

Unmasking, the process of revealing one’s authentic self by shedding societal expectations and behaviors that hide true identity, is particularly resonant for neurodivergent adults. For many, years of... ...more

FlowArt Learning

March 18, 20243 min read

A Comprehensive Introduction to Understanding Neurodivergence

A Comprehensive Introduction to Understanding Neurodivergence

Have you heard about being neurodivergent? It's been getting a lot of buzz lately, but what exactly does it mean? In this blog post, we will break down what it means to be neurodivergent and why it's ... ...more

FlowArt Learning

March 18, 20245 min read

About Dr. Misty Gibson

Dr. Misty began the practice as a solo venture in 2016. Over the years of working solo, she realized that the niche population that she serves needed more specialized mental health care than Dr. Misty could provide alone. In 2018 Dr. Misty made the decision to expand the practice into a group collective, inviting interns and associates to join her in practicing clinical mental health and sex therapy for humans who are neurodivergent, queer, polyamorous, and kinky.

Over the years, Dr. Misty has trained many students, interns, and associates in competent, compassionate, and consent-based therapy, using a relational-cultural approach to therapy. To be included as a therapist at FlowArt Therapy, It is imperative that all therapists are sex-positive and neurodivergent informed, and are willing to continue to further their education in sex-positive, consent-based, and neurodivergent friendly methods. Dr. Misty has evolved her practice into a collectively operating teaching practice, where she models and trains the therapists closely in these focused methods.

Together with her colleague and business partner, Michell Brockman, Dr. Misty is working on expanding the reach of FlowArt. They're working on bringing on-demand learning opportunities to the general public and to clinical mental health practitioners about the intersection of neurodivergence and queer identities, through FlowArt Academy and the Neurosparkly podcast.

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Baby Therapists


Dr. Misty's pet project, Baby Therapists provides training for therapists interested in starting their own private practices with special focus on neurodivergent therapists from grad school and beyond.

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If you or someone you know is in immediate, life-threatening danger and decide to call 911, please be aware that police are not equipped to offer mental health support and may even pose danger to People of Color, Neurodivergent people and Disabled people.

Please ALSO reach out to community leaders, neighbors, friends, and family to be present if you are calling the police.

Please note that some crisis line workers are mandated to report calls regarding suicide to the police. If this is a concern, we encourage you to first ask about their reporting policies before sharing.

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